Plaque Psoriasis Common in Caribbean
Plaque Psoriasis Common in Caribbean
April 6, 2017
Hirsutism and its Cause
March 16, 2018
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Trichoclasis is a common hair issue

Trichoclasis is a common hair issue

This week, we will focus on the following hair shaft defects, * Trichoclasis, * Trichoptilosis, and * Monilethrix.  The treatment for most hair shaft abnormalities must include gentle hair care with minimum manipulation .

Treatment for trichoclasis involves reducing the physical manipulation of hair and the recommendation of less vigour in brushing, combing or teasing the hair for special effects in hair styling .

Trichoclasis is quite common. However, it does not result in permanent damage to the cuticle or the cortex and is not caused by any specific underlying disease. It is really a “greenstick” fracture of the hair shaft, which results in splitting – partially or wholly. To know more about Trichoclasis click here




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