As a Trichologist

Provide support and counsel men and women with medical conditions that requires special attention to hair care

Disseminate information on the different causes and possible treatment of hair loss.

Provide support for people suffering from different scalp conditions

Share tips and hacks to proper hair care

Explain different concepts of Trichology and Cosmetology

Advise on latest innovations to battle hair loss and other scalp issues

Clarify the connection between nutrition and hair and scalp health

As a Speaker

Encourage women, especially single mothers, to build a profitable business through her knowledge in hair and scalp care

Motivate people towards personal and financial growth

Promote proper hair and scalp care for everyone

Emphasize the importance of overall wellness and nutrition

Teach women useful ways to overcome adversity in managing a business


A role model with significance knowledge willing to share her continuous learning to achieve personal goals

Inspire aspiring Trichologists and cosmetologists

Empower women and single parents in Business

Help beginners to keep up with the growth of the beauty industry

Help business owners succeed in reaching their business ambitions