Germaine Williams-Beckles (D.T.) is a Trusted and Certified Trichologist, who inspire confidence with her holistic approach to treating Hair and Scalp Maladies.

Germaine’s expertise and years of training has established her reputation as an in demand consultant for healthy hair and scalp. She is a member of the US Trichology Institute of Board of Directors, a certified nutrition counselor, and received a certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She has made it possible for individuals to increase their self-confidence and take steps to reduce and stop the issue of hair loss. She has always stressed that once you are equipped with the knowledge about hair care and hair loss, you have taken the first step in your treatment.

Once you’ve obtained knowledge on hair care and the possible causes of hair loss, it will be easier to take the next step.

Is your condition something you can manage?
Do you need a consultation?

A consultation is for you if you:

are experiencing excessive shedding of hair

are experiencing scaly scalp conditions

have itchy Scalp

are suffering with different types of hair loss

need support for hair loss as a result of illness

need support with scalp conditions such as psoriasis, pityriasis, etc.

need to be aware of proper hair care techniques to prevent and slow the process of hair loss.

need to know about the camouflage techniques available for Hair Loss

need Nutritional Consulting, or

are experiencing slow to grow hair and/or thinning

If you’re looking for information on different hair and scalp maladies, or looking for a more holistic approach to hair loss, contact your trusted trichologist. Germaine Williams-Beckles (D.T.) gives one-on-one professional trichology related consultation for only $150 for 30 minutes and $300 for 1 hour

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Your Virtual Consultation is only $150USD for 30 minutes and $300USD for 1 hour

If you want to book a consultation or inquire or just ask how Dr. Germaine can help with your hair loss, click on the calendar below to schedule a meeting.

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