As a Coach & Trainer

Germaine aspires to continue to promote overall health and wellness while sharing information and promoting healthy hair and scalp. She aims to continue to inform more persons and inspire many aspiring Cosmetologists and Trichologists around the world.

These coaching programmes are for you if you are super excited about the possibilities of:


Starting your own business


Becoming hair care specialists


Identifying hair loss in its early stages


Maintaining healthy hair


Minimizing the incidents of hair loss and scalp conditions


Learning preventative methods to avoid hair loss


Keeping abreast with the changes in beauty industry


Practicing a holistic approach to healthy hair and scalp


Effectively implementing wellness and lifestyle analysis


Recognizing the different types of scalp disorders that can be treated in a beauty salon, and the ones that should be referred to different specialist.


Understanding, Monitoring and controlling hair and scalp disorder

What does this coaching include?

Understanding Hair Loss

This is a one and/or two day class where Germaine goes in depth on the causes, signs, and symptoms of hair loss that you should be aware of if you wish to treat hair loss successfully.

Book your consultation now and let us Understand Hair Loss together!

For the 1-day Coaching Session – $497

For the 2-day Coaching Session – $987

Or pay 2 equal payments of $285.78

Or pay 2 equal payments of $567.53

‘Flight or Fight’ Reaction and Hair Loss

Recognizing Types of Scalp Disorder

This coaching session will assist you in identifying scalp issues that affect individuals. It is a comprehensive class about different scalp problems and the right solution to each one, as one type of treatment doesn’t suit all kinds of disorders.

Itching to be a pro at resolving SCALP Issues?

Reserve your space and start learning now! Day (9:00am-12noon) Session for only $247USD

Reserve your space and start learning now! Evening Session (2:00 – 5:00pm) for only $247USD

Scraping Scalp Scales Causes More Damage

Trichology Coaching

is one of Germaine’s passions. She absolutely loves sharing information, taking you from the beginning so that you understand the hair from its cellular level.
This Trichology coaching programme is a 3-5 day training that is geared to people who are already practicing Trichology or those who want to increase their knowledge in order to help their clients get healthy scalp and luscious looking hair..

Show your expertise to your clients. Give your knowledge an even greater boost by booking your space now!

For the 3-day coaching – $1197

For the 5-day coaching – $1897

For the 3-day coaching – $1197

For the 5-day coaching – $1897

Scraping Scalp Scales Causes More Damage
Scraping Scalp Scales Causes More Damage


We must understand the need for practical examination when moving into new areas of the beauty business. And so, she created a clinical 3-day experience that will encourage you to further your skills. The session was crafted so you develop a keen eye to recognize scalp issues like the difference between Seborrhea and Psoriasis, and just like the difference between Androgentic Alopecia and Cicatricial Alopecia.

This session should assist you in identifying what the differences between various conditions that look similar in nature.

If you’re looking for a one on one coaching and training, then this definitely for you!
This is your chance to be in a learning-conducive sessions where you proceed on your pace at your own space.

One on One coaching for $1497

Or choose the 3 payment plan of $573.39

The perfect one-day scoping class is just for you! This session will help with critical thinking as far as identifying what is actually taking place in the body and/or on the scalp where hair loss and scalp condition is concerned.
Scoping will help you to identify different causes of hair and scalp issues such as poor circulation, clogged follicle, or difference in hair and scalp issue. These causes are easily observable from the look of the scalp.

If you’re a budding Trichologist, or beauty professional this is definitely a must-have for you to help you serve your clients better.

Don’t miss the opportunity to avail that one-on-one pro level mentoring for only $497 USD!