‘Flight or Fight’ Reaction and Hair Loss www.germainewilliamsbeckles.com
‘Flight or Fight’ Reaction and Hair Loss
March 23, 2017
Stress Can Slow Down Hair Growth www.germainewilliamsbeckles.com
Know your Hair Loss Heredity Status
March 27, 2017
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The Quest for Solution to Hair Loss is Ongoing

The Quest for Solution to Hair Loss is Ongoing www.germainewilliamsbeckles.com


FOR the last two days, I attended a conference in Chicago that focused only on hair loss and approaches to assist persons who are suffering from this issue. We heard from people, such as Carienne Hew, then Dr Rajesh Rajput whose input was about Cyclical Vitamin Therapy. Another presenter, Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani, discussed the latest in stem cell and growth factors while Dr Federico Emilio, spoke about the latest on hair transplantation.

These were just a few of the persons who presented their findings as it relates to hair loss and hair growth. Each year there are new discoveries, but one thing remains the same, you must understand the type of hair loss that you are suffering from in order to be treated successfully.  Click here to read more.




By Dr Germaine Williams-Beckles

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