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  • Thèrapie II

    $299.00 USD

    Laser alone is already an effective medium in stimulating hair growth. Imagine doubling its effect with LED! Yes, this is possible with Ultimate II Laser that is created with low level laser therapy and LED stimulating therapy.

    This tool will boost your treatment regimen, promoting healthier hair growth at a faster pace!

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  • Thèrapie Laser 25

    $499.00 USD

    With 25 true laser diodes, this hair treatment tool has the most laser coverage of all handheld devices in the market! This is also the only proven non-drug treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

    This brush promotes even distribution of safe and nourishing laser treatment on your scalp with its patented teeth component, resulting in a more beautiful and thicker hair growth.

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  • HairMax LaserBand 82

    $795.00 USD

    Hair loss treatment in less than 2 minutes is now possible with HairMax LaserBand 82. This medical hair band has 82 grade lasers that allow a 90-second treatment directly on your follicles.

    You don’t have to manually part your hair during treatment because HairMax LaserBand does it for you with its patented hair parting teeth mechanism. Hair and scalp treatment has never been this fast and easy!

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  • Capillus272 Laser Cap

    $3,000.00 USD

    Want more coverage for your hair and scalp treatment? Capillus272 Laser Cap does the job! It is designed with more diodes and deeper fit to cover all areas of your scalp than any other hair treatment caps. What’s more? You can wear this under any hat of your choice anytime and anywhere with ease!

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