"I was greatly impressed by the knowledge based details that Germaine espoused on Diabetes Mellitus. This showed her phenomenal grasp of the condition and its effects on those who are living with it. This was probably the first book I read that implicated diabetes in detail, with its effect on hair loss. The rationale for this to me was pretty scientific and makes for very interesting reading. I really appreciated the opportunity to review this as it added to my knowledge and general understanding of Diabetes Mellitus. I do believe that this book will help bring a new dimension to what we know about diabetes and also present options to the populace that will ensure that diabetes is better managed. I also believe that this "new" body of knowledge will be a welcomed inclusion to what physicians can recommend to their patients in order to improve their quality of life. So, I sincerely thank you for this With Love,"

Dr. David Ibeleme,

Physician and Author

"Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles sheds light on the true biological reasons for hair loss, standing on over thirty years of experience. She is a master of her craft who uses her education to inform, educate and inspire women globally."

Mia Redrick, Business Coach, Author and TV Personality

Finding Definitions, LLC—www.findingdefinitions.com

Doctors, nutritionists, CEOs and TV personalities have nothing but praise for Dr. Germaine and her book. "In her book, “Why am I Losing My Hair? Diabetes and Hair Loss,” Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles provides a masterful reference guide about hair loss. It is a resource for those who wants to understand more about hair loss, some of the underlying causes and various ways to restore healthy hair and scalp. This book will make a excellent addition to your wellness library." Colleen N. Hawthorne, M.D., The Vibrant Living Strategist Concierge Psychiatric-Medicine Physician Vibrant Living Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant Best Selling Author

Colleen N. Hawthorne, M.D., The Vibrant Living Strategist

Vibrant Living Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant Best Selling Author

If you're looking for someone to solve your hair, scalp and nutrition needs, then Germaine Williams-Beckles is the solution. I call her "The Fixer" since she can solve almost anything relating to these issues. I'm living proof of that. What I like most about Germaine is how passionate she is about  her craft and vocation as well as her thirst for knowledge, continuous learning and the willingness to share that knowledge. Continue to bless us with your God given talent Germaine.

~ Cheryl B

Germaine has a passion for excellence, not only as trichologist, but as an exceptional counselor and teacher, she takes care of both our hair and our well-being. With God’s help, I know she will continue to strive and achieve her life’s goals.

~ Kathy A

Germaine takes the time to nurture outer and inner beauty. She also delves into the needs of her clients, adopting a holistic life altering approach to beauty and health.

~Denise H

As a long-standing client I’ve seen much growth, both professionally and personally in Germaine. She is the consummate professional constantly bringing newer and improved service and knowledge to her clients, as well as educating herself in order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

~ Cheryl F

Some people are made by circumstances, others create the circumstances that make them. Some are relentless in demanding more of themselves. I believe that the latter adequately describes my friend, Germaine Williams-Beckles.


Its really quite awesome the changes that took place within 1 year of being under the care of Trichologist, Germaine. I was apprehensive at first as with any new venture but I was completely committed to giving it my all, sticking to my multi-therapeutic treament regime. The gradual changes was simply amazing, I started realizing the remarkable hair growth. This change my entire outlook and created the best feeling  ever with the compliments received from friends and family about how great my hair looked.

~ Denise