What About Your Internal Beauty? www.germainewilliamsbeckles.com
What About Your Internal Beauty?
March 22, 2017
Scarring Alopecia Can Lead To Baldness www.germainewilliamsbeckles.com
Scarring Alopecia Can Lead To Baldness
March 22, 2017
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Sanitise to Prevent Infection

Sanitise to Prevent Infection www.germainewilliamsbeckles.com

MOST types of hair loss come with some form of inflammation of the follicle.

It is for this reason that I always stress that you will not obtain overnight results when treating hair loss or scalp conditions.

This is something that you must be aware of.

Folliculitis is a bacterial infection of the follicle and can be a little troublesome. If not handled with care it can spread. In addition, some people attempt to squeeze the yellow pimples or bumps that appear on the scalp.  This is not a suitable approach in treating with any type of scalp disorder.  Click here to read more.




By Dr Germaine Williams-Beckles

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